LGTC is one of the largest training facilities in North Carolina.
               Space now includes batting cages and full-sized indoor basketball/soccer court.
AGE 6-18
Attention Cheerleaders:  
Need extra help with your backhandsprings, layouts or tucks!

Try one of our drop in tumble classes*  MONDAY - WEDNESDAY 7-8 pm, 8-9 pm

$15.00 per class for 1 hour or purchase our Tumble Pass
(10 tumble Drop-in Visits for $120.00)
Top 5 reasons to enroll your child in gymnastics:
1. Develops strength, flexibility and coordination
2. Provides social interaction with peers
3. Teaches listening skills
4. Gains self-esteem and confidence
5. It's so much FUN!
174 West Smithfield Street, Angier, NC  27501
(919) 639-8288  email:  langleygymnastics@yahoo.com
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No matter how many times you fall, Always have success in your mind.... Todd Bryant
Begin Class Anytime
December 14
Gym is closed today due to inclement
weather - Thursday, January 18