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Our curriculum is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic Program designed to provide a noncompetitive, achievement-oriented program of progressive skills, conditioning and flexibility, which includes all gymnastics equipment.

Enrollment, Tuition, & Fees


Enroll anytime during the year. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If payment becomes delinquent by the 15th of each month, your account will be run automatically on the card you have on file as well as a late fee of $10 added to your account. If you want to discontinue enrollment, a 30 day WRITTEN NOTICE to un-enroll from the program is required or you will be responsible for FULL payment for the months you fail to give notice

Tuition & Fees

Annual Registration- Due every September or when you begin classes. Single $35/Family $60

1 hr. class per week- $60 a month

1.5 hr. class per week- $80 a month

2 hr. class per week- $100 a month

2- 1 hr. classes per week- $100 a month

2-2 hr. classes per month- $150 a month

Sibling Discounts: $5 off 2nd child, $10 off 3rd child